There are 3steps involved in applying to be in the Jamboree Band

1. Apply for a Jamboree Staff Position  - You must first apply to be a member of the Jamboree staff.  To apply, visit

then select  6365  Program - Stadium Jamboree Band General Staff

Session Choice Jamboree band members must select      Session 1    July 15 - 29 

2. IMPORTANT - Email the director to let him know to look for you in the staff queue.

3. Apply to be in the Jamboree Band - Once you have applied for the Jamboree staff, you must also apply to be a member of the Jamboree Band. This is done using the Band application / recommendation form located at this site. There are no auditions.

 View / Print  the Band Information/ Recommendation   follow the directions.

After You Apply, What Happens Next …….

1. When you apply, you will recieve a notice from National with a registration number. This should happen quickly.

2. National asks your home Council  (level one) to approve your application. This process could take several weeks. It is recommened that you call your local Council office about two weeks after applying to be sure that they have received your staff application and that it is being processed. When your Council approves your staff application, you will receive an email confirming this.

3. Your application next travels to your 1st choice area leader, in this case it is the band. The application is approved conditionally* and you are sent an offer. You must accept this offer within 15 days or your application will automatically be sent to your 2nd choice, and so on. When you accept the offer you will recieve a confirmation. 

4. You should then submit yout Band Application/Recommendation ASAP

5. Beginning late Spring 2016, the band is selected from all condionally approved applicants. 

* Everyone who applies will be conditionally accepted into the band with the understanding that the Jamboree Band will be chosen from all applicants according to instrumentation and ability starting in late Spring 2016.  See General Information above for additional information about the selection process.                                                                                                    © George Pinchock 2015