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Band specific information about the Jamboree Band will be posted here as it becomes available. Parts of this page are active, while other parts will become active as information becomes available and when the Jamboree band is selected beginning mid 2016.

11/16/16  Report Date  The band will report to the Summit on Saturday 7/15 with the first rehearsal on 7/16. Dismissal will be starting at noon on Friday 7/28.

12/30/16  We NEED DRUMMERS and Low Brass. If you know of any please encourage them to apply.

1/1/17    National has sent information to all registered staff regarding   SUBMIT MEDICAL INFORMATION  CLICK HERE

1/14/17 National has sent information on travel to and from The Summit. REGISTER TRANSPORTATION HERE CLICK HERE 

1/21/17 National has sent information on tenting. In the past we have housed the band together. If you do not want to be housed with other band members please let us know.

4/12/17 Order your NAMEPLATE  by May 15 CLICK HERE 

4/21 Patch and T-Shirt order form located here  CLICK HERE    Submit by May 12

5/1 Stadium Experience Team SET  Patch and T-Shirt order form located here  CLICK HERE    Submit by May 12

5/21 Staff Check in procedures Overview  CLICK HERE   You Need to REGISTER. 


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Band Leadership  George Pinchock, Schwenksville, PA;   Jeff Kitzman, Cudahy, WI;  Scott Teater, W. Burlington, IA; Matt Elder, Valdosta, GA; Bill Klope, Ventura, CA; Calvin Gorman, Vancouver, WA;  Scott Cameron, Durwood, MD; Steffen Parker, Williston, VT 

Instrumentatation - Our goal is a balanced band of 75 plus keyboard, guitar, eletric bass and set drums are needed.                                       Flute - 6, Clarinet - 8, Alto Sax - 7, Tenor Sax - 4, Bari Sax - 2, Trumpet - 14, Horn - 4, Trombone - 10, Baritone - 3, Tuba/Sousaphone - 6, Percussion - 8, keys - 1, bass - 1, guitar - 1 

Official Jamboree Schedule -  CLICK HERE to see the officiail Jamboree Schedule.

Selection - 90% complete

Music Distribution - Some music will be available online, some will be sent prior to the Jamboree, more will be dirtibuted at the Jamboree.  Some music will be distributed beginning Spring 2017.

Travel Arrival The band will report to the Summit on Saturday 7/15 (travel day) with the first meeting/rehearsal on 7/16. Dismissal will be starting at noon on Friday 7/28. There is some flexibility.  

What will I need to bring?  We’ll post this list in the Spring  TBA (link)

Scheduled Performances  TBA  Stadium shows, concerts in Beckley and Charleston TBA

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